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victoria's rates

20 minutes: 12 US$ / 150 ZAR

30 minutes: 18 US$ / 200 ZAR

45 minutes: 23 US$ / 250 ZAR

60-75 minutes: 30 US$ / 350 ZAR


“I love doing yoga with Victoria, and feel blessed to have done so many classes under her guidance. Victoria’s classes are a beautiful journey...each one different, and each one an opportunity for independent exploration and guided understanding. Victoria is a warm, welcoming, enthusiastic and understanding yoga instructor." Barbara



200h Vinyasa/power yoga, YogaLife

20h Mindful yin yoga, Jennifer Raye

8h Chakra balancing, Nicci Annette

6h Functional Yoga and Hip Anatomy, Oslo Yoga.


My yoga journey started when I was still living at home (in Norway), with my parents but only truly blossomed when I moved to Stellenbosch (South Africa) in 2011. This was when I first met Nicci (at Yoga with Nicci), and started attending regular vinyasa classes at her studio. After having had an ongoing practice for almost a decade I did my first 200h vinyasa/power yoga teacher training with the guidance of Marley Vigdorth, Maya Pratt and Dave Porter of YogaLife in Cape Town (March 2014). Having been introduced to yin yoga in early 2015 I started incorporating it into my personal practice and gently introduced it to my portfolio end 2015. February 2017 I did my 20h mindful yin intensive with Jennifer Raye and am now a certified yin teacher as well. I am also managing a boutiques studio in the heart of Stellenbosch called Riverside Studio where I teach group classes and workshops on a regular basis. 

My love for yoga goes hand in hand with my passion for mindfulness and meditation and I share this mainly through vinyasa and yin yoga classes. In my flow classes I encourage a simmering, lingering, often, slow flowing practice where you truly get to taste every flavour of your being, by moving with control and compassion towards yourself and your body. I invite you to trust your intuition, and to move the way that feels good to you on any particular day. On the flip-side I also love inversions and focus a lot on how to organically bring them into a regular yoga practice in a safe and sustainable way.

 In my yin yoga classes I focus on introspection. Here mindfulness is a huge component of what I teach. I love to help you open the doors that create awareness of body and breath and always sprinkle it with safe alignment. I am less concerned with you looking in a specific way than you being safe in your practice, and I believe that there is no right or wrong expression of a pose, but rather a safe and unsafe way of practicing.

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