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20 minutes: 12 US$ / 150 ZAR

30 minutes: 18 US$ / 200 ZAR

45 minutes: 23 US$ / 250 ZAR

60-75 minutes: 30 US$ / 350 ZAR

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"If you wan to feel empowered, contemplate shifting and ultimately change, then Sizwe is your teacher. Her classes are moving. She s a passionate teacher, who truly brings the real purpose of yoga alive.  Her classes are strong but her voice makes you want to continue flowing forever; I look so forward o having Sizwe guide me on my mat every week. Her teaching has really helped me use my yoga off my mat as well as strengthen my asana practice. Namaste Sizwe Thanks for the love and energy!" - Kelly

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credentials |

Edge Power Yoga 200RYT, Massachusetts, 2011

5 years teaching experience

Co-founder and co-owner, The Toolbox yoga studio, Durban, South Africa



I first discovered Yoga in 2007 whilst recovering from a car accident. I was inspired by the fact the yoga was not only accessible to every body (pun intended) but was an avenue for physical and mental healing. I followed this practice from South Africa all the way to the USA, when I moved in 2011.  I completed my Edge Power Yoga 200RYT in 2011, with Fran Cote in Massachusetts.  In 2013 I travelled to India to further my training and deepen my understanding of yoga.

I teach to share the practice that continually changes my life. My classes are a challenging and creative combination of asana, meditation and self-inquiry.  You can expect to use your breath as a vehicle for connection to yourself.  You can expect to be supported over the edge of what you think may be possible for you. My goal is to provide the canvas for transformation in every class, for every body. Empowerment through self-acceptance.  Come as you are and see yourself as so much more.

What started as a physical practice turned into so much more once I started to breathe.  I believe my teaching style reflects my love for people and their diversity.  I think that yoga has the power to bring out the best in every person. It is a place to practice fearless self-expression; I always say to my students “Welcome to your mat…welcome to your breath…welcome to limitless possibilities. My intention when teaching is to hold a space for my students to embrace the power of breath and movement to heal their bodies and spirits.  I am still learning exactly how yoga works but it rings true for me, free your hips and the rest will follow!

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