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Nina's rates |

20 minutes: 12 US$ / 150 ZAR

30 minutes: 23 US$ / 250 ZAR

45 minutes: 27 US$ / 350 ZAR

60 minutes: 35 US$ / 450 ZAR

testimonial |

"I've been doing yoga with Nina for quite a few years now and the classes are one of the highlights of my week.  My doctor recommended that I try yoga to help with my neck and back pain but also to help calm my anxious mind.  Nina’s classes did all that and more. Nina is extremely intuitive and is able to adapt a class to respond to the immediate needs of the students. I adore Nina – her classes are brilliant.  Try them – you won’t be sorry!" Karen


credentials |

Yoga Teachers Certification, Ananda Kutir Ashram, Rondebosch, 2003

Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga Certification, Ananda Sanga, Somerset West, 2001


My yoga journey started while studying a business science degree at UCT in 2001 when I attended integral hatha yoga classes with my parents at a small nearby yoga studio. I immediately fell in love with the practices on a physical, mental and emotional level and completed my teacher training in 2003 to further my interest and knowledge in the art. I had no intention of teaching, I was planning on going into the corporate world. Yoga had other plans for me and I’ve been teaching and traveling full time since 2004. My yoga journey and teaching has transitioned through many different phases but my true passion is gentle, slow, restorative and healing yoga. I seem to attract students who struggle with stress, anxiety, burn out, back problems and low self-esteem, all conditions I have journeyed through as well. If this is you, then check out my intro video and decide for yourself if we’re going to be a good fit. I look forward to meeting you on the mat.



Follow this free class, filmed for you by Nina, before committing to a personalised video purchase


This 4-part course (4 x 1hour videos) is for pure beginners and novices, as well as anyone recovering from an injury or ailment. Each Hatha yoga sequence is led by Nina in a slow, gentle, mindful and clear way, with precise and easy instructions.

Here's what to expect from Nina's 4-part Hatha yoga video package for beginners:

Video 1 (60mins)

In this class we explore joint mobility and flexibility. It is the simplest and easiest way to get the body moving to the rhythm of the breath. We work slowly, mindfully and with purpose. This is the ultimate first yoga class introductory hour and you will get a good grounding in Hatha yoga.

Video 3 (72mins)

In the third class we look at lateral stretches and twists, exploring the theory of lengthening the sides of the body as well as the importance of rotating the spine.

Video 2 (72mins)

In the second class we explore forward bends and back bends. We delve a little deeper into two common postures practised in Yoga and the theory and way most people should be practising them. Discover the best way in which you should do forward bends and back bends.

Video 4 (60mins)

In the forth and final class we explore balances and inversions. We use the teachings from the previous three classes to end off with a well rounded Yoga practice.