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Natalie's rates |

20 minutes: 12 US$ / 150 ZAR

30 minutes: 23 US$ / 250 ZAR

45 minutes: 27 US$ / 300 ZAR

60 minutes: 35 US$ / 400 ZAR

testimonial |

"Natalie is an inspiration as a person and as a teacher. She lives her truth and is a wonderful healing guide to help you find yours. Recommend! "~ Julia Tess Turcato.


credentials |

200hrSivananda Yoga Teacher Training 2011

250hr  Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

300hr Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training, 2014

100hr Meditation Teacher Training

50hr Yin Yoga Immersion Workshop


This is a free snippet from Natalie so you can get a sense of what her teaching style is like on YOGICOMM.


I am not just a yoga Teacher, I am an ambassador for the ocean. Yoga to me is about connecting to our true nature and sometimes it's on the Yoga mat that you can find that connection and sometimes it's in the ocean, forest or on a long beach walk that we can connect.  I was surfing the waves of Durban In South Africa in my Teens.  In 2012 I became an Open Water Scuba Instructor, and then in 2013 I began Freediving, and so my love for the ocean has grown and I am continuously reminded just how short and wonderful this life is and that nothing but our breath and nature is sustaining us.   All life comes from the Sea, and everything we do contributes to the survival of it's species.  

I have been exploring yoga and its roots for over 10 years now, and early on the path I was selling myself short, trying to disconnect myself from the ego identifications of a modern, consumerist and commercial world and 'yogi' being.  As I began to explore other paths of Yog, Bhakti (devotion through Kirtan and Mantra), Meditation, Pranayam and then Freediving and deeper explorations of the natural world, I began to understand that sometimes an identification is necessary in order to survive and succeed in the modern world.  The point of yog is to be unattached to this idea of uniqueness, but at the same time we can allow ourselves the freedom and courage to explore it and to present it to the world in a way that is somehow contributing to the collective consciousness of joy and union.

Forever a Student first, I encourage students to seek their own inner truth on and off the mat.
Influenced and experienced in the traditional Lineages of Sivananda and School of Bihar, I fuse the traditional teachings into my joyful, flowing, harmonizing Yog Asana Sequences, which encourages those new to the practice to explore deeper layers of their body and being, while the more experienced are guided to go beyond self.  Everyone overcomes something just by stepping onto their mat, and everybody can explore just that little bit extra to find parts of ourselves that are forgotten or not even yet discovered.

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