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30 minutes: 17 € / 250 ZAR

45 minutes: 23 € / 350 ZAR

60 minutes: 29 € / 450 ZAR


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"Nadya Booyse has been part of my yoga journey for 7 of the 10 years that I have reaped the benefits of yoga practise. She is the voice inside my head each time I am unsure of a posture (asana) or of the breathing accompanying it. I got to know Nadya when she was doing her teacher training and she has been building each year on her own knowledge, strength and the expansion of her studio. Her guidance over the years during yoga practise has prepared me well for any kind of yoga practise to get the maximum benefit and to avoid injury." - Joey


credentials |

200h Hatha Bihar School of Yoga Certification - Charene Swartzberg

50hr Budokon Yoga Teacher Training - Cameron Shayne & Dave Gardner


Ever since I can remember, my environment broke me down in some form or another with the result that I had no idea who I was and I was deeply dissatisfied with life without quite understanding why. I had a yearning to find myself and a belief that I could be more than what I was. 

In addition, I struggled with an uncontrollable temper. I didn't like the effect it had on others or on myself. In retrospect, my habit of analysing things brought me to self-study (one of the core principles of yoga), which was the only reason I continued to look for this thing I felt was missing from my life.

 In 2004, I participated in 2 life-skill courses which rekindled a connection with my inner true self. These first steps led me to very specific choices that got me off all the substances that I was using as numbing crutches in my life. 

But life was still life and with every day passing, I would find myself more and more drawn back towards old patterns of anger and self-doubt and an inability to take the bigger steps I knew I needed to take in my life. I was desperately seeking a teacher, a way to make my changes sustainable. 

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. This rings true for me and looking back, I can see a great number of reasons why I wasn't ready before then. When my firstborn got to her 18-month mark in 2010, I found a yoga teacher close to my home. This would set off a series of serendipitous events that would lead to where I am at present. 

Four months after I did my first structured yoga class, I woke up one morning and told my husband I was going to do a Teacher Training Program. Neither of us had any idea how different our lives would be in less than a decade. 

A little less than 3 months later, I started my 2 year 200h Teacher Training.

My soul breathed! I had found a place where the end result of all that I was doing was to just reconnect and be myself. There were a great many lessons to be learned around even that concept. There still are. 

 After teaching part-time for 4 years, I took a leap and resigned my corporate position, finding first a home-based studio, and eventually birthing Lunula Yoga Studio, which is my current base of operations. My journey and relationship with both yoga and myself continue to grow and evolve. It is a never-ending process of learning and discovering, of challenging and questioning what works according to who I am at any given stage of this journey, but the core remains the same: practice; commitment; observation; patience; and acceptance.

 Most of this was never planned, but an openness to life and to myself allowed me to explore options that threaded their way into my life until I found paths that ignited passion and love within my soul.

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