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MAGDARIE's rates |

30 minutes: 20 US$ / 200 ZAR

4 classes x 30min: 50 US$ / 600 ZAR

60 minutes: 30 US$ / 350 ZAR

4 classes x 60min: 100 US$ / 1200 ZAR

*class lengths can be flexible

testimonial |

"I started my yoga journey in January this year. My journey got even better when I found Mags! Her classes are fun and diverse. She always focuses on making sure we are properly alligned and challenges us to try new poses whilst taking things back to basics for us as to remember the foundations of the practiceI've loved learning from her over the past few months and have seen improvement in myself on a level I never thought would be possible." - Angie


credentials |

150 hours Satyananda Training, 2014

200 hours Vinyasa Teacher training, Inner Wellness Studio, 2015 



My journey into yoga started initially from a purely exercise point of view back in 2010. It was a great add-on to my already active lifestyle. After a couple months of diligent practice I started seeing an improvement in my strength, endurance and flexibility. Yoga also served as the perfect remedy to release tight and rigid muscles after a strenuous training session. But with yoga, we're not just working on a physical level. We shift things and we change things - unconsciously, but it is there. So from there I started developing an interest in the deeper elements of yoga and its philosophy.

I started my formal Satyananda yoga teacher training in 2014 with Charene Swartzberg at Yoga Connection in Pretoria. In 2015, I completed my RYT 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training under the guidance of Diego Baldi from Inner Wellness in Durban.”

I continue to enrich my own practice by attending workshops and furthering my studies in the philosophy of yoga.

My classes focus on combining energetic flows and restorative practices while getting safely into the asanas. The key elements in my classes are strong movements, proper alignment and individual adjustment. Whilst my classes are mainly Vinyasa based, I do enjoy toning it down at times with a Yin session or two.

I am still working full-time in a corporate career, however yoga has taught me a lot about balance and managing the stresses of our modern day life. It is through yoga, that I learned to honour the quiet moments and regain strength and sanity in the stillness that is so rare to find in our busy schedules.

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