Choose your instructor

Everyone is at a different place in their yoga journey and it's important to find an instructor who can meet your specific needs. Browse through our ever growing list of registered instructors to find the one who suits your needs best


Connect with your instructor

Once you've chosen your instructor, connect with him or her directly on their profile page. Via email, tell your instructor who you are, where you're at in your unique yoga journey and what you are looking for in terms of bespoke instruction.


Receive recommendations from your instructor

After listening carefully to your specific yoga needs, your instructor will respond to you and make recommendations for a bespoke sequence that best suits your needs. Once you are happy with their proposed way forward, your instructor will send you an invoice for your video.


Invoice and payment

Your instructor will invoice you for your tailored video. You'll make payment via PayPal or EFT to YOGICOMM and send proof of payment to Your yoga instructor will immediately begin conceptualising and then filming your bespoke sequence. 


Download your yoga video on the YOGICOMM sharespace


Within a week, your instructor will contact you to share your log in details to the YOGICOMM sharespace and will give you a download link to your tailored sequence. Your video is accessible by you and only you. You can download your video sequence and use it offline anytime.


Practice and repeat


Your instructor is available for you to contact with questions as you practice. Your log in details to the YOGICOMM sharepace are yours to keep so when you progress and need a new video sequence you can log in and download conveniently. We will keep a record of all your video sequences on the sharespace - visible to you only - so you can see your progress!



In what ways can YOGICOMM assist yoga instructors and their clients?

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We're your valuable travel companion and powerful tool to enhance yoga studio to home practice.