+ What are the T's&C's?

+ What is a bespoke yoga video?

Anything bespoke has been individually crafted with care. The focus is on meeting specific needs and not creating something for mass production. We are all different, and so are our yoga needs! A series of postures, yoga style or focus on practice that works for one person may well not work for another. A bespoke video is a video that an instructor has developed for you, based on your specifications.

+ Is yoga safe and adaptable for everyone?

The short answer is, Yes! yoga is absolutely for everyone! However, not all types, styles and levels of yoga are for everyone. In fact, you can really hurt yourself if you do yoga thats not suited to you. When we have specific problems, injuries or ailments and we attempt yoga in a class environment, or attempt to follow a yoga video that is aimed to appeal broadly, we can end up hurting ourselves. However, if you do yoga with care and adequate individualised instruction, it is totally safe.

+ What does it cost to join if I am a (a) student, or (b) instructor?

Nothing, de nada, zip.

+ Who can have a yoga profile page on YOGICOMM?

Qualified yoga instructors. When signing up, all yoga teachers have to provide copies of their yoga teachers certififcations.

+ Can I use the YOGICOMM platform and join a yoga studio in my community?

Yes. YOGICOMM is intended to supplement and enrich yoga studio and community practice. It is an affordable and convenient way to gain individual instruction and this can be done on conjunction with participating in group classes, if they are suitable to your needs. In addition, YOGICOMM is for yoga instructors who have studio commitments. It allows them to expand their client base and focus on the individual needs of their clients outside of the studio.

+ Why individualised yoga guidance?

You may need a bit of help in starting out on your yoga journey - this is the perfect way to ease into a safe and regular practice that is most beneficial for you. Or, perhaps you are familiar with yoga but have specific ailments you wish to address and alleviate in a focused manner. Or, perhaps you are an advanced yogi and want to perfect a particular challenging pose or transition. Perhaps you are a yoga instructor who wants to broaden their skill set and offer different types of yoga sequences and experiences. Group classes do not allow for that individualised focus and YOGICOMM is a way in which you target your needs more safely and effectively.

+ How does payment work?

+ What does a bespoke video cost?

As we are an open source marketplace we do not dictate to instructors what they should charge for their videos. It is entirely up the instructor to set their price for the content they have created. Some instructors charge more than others, often depending on their level of experience, expertise and country of origin. Also, there are varying lengths of yoga videos - a 20minute video is likely to be a lot less than a 60minute video! Charges can range from 5 US$ to 70US$.

+ What payment methods can I use with YOGICOMM?

YOGICOMM currently accepts PayPal payments and EFT (electronic financial transfer). Please specify with your instructor what payment method you would prefer. YOGICOMM will service you with an electronic invoice.

+ What if I want to check whether I am following my YOGICOMM personalised yoga video correctly?

YOGICOMM is offering you the option to film and upload your own yoga video! Please communicate with admin@yogicomm.com when you want to upload your video to show your instructor your progress or to check that you are following a yoga position or yoga sequence correctly. This allows you to ensure that you gain the most benefit from your personalised instruction. You can upload your video to send to your instructor on the YOGICOMM sharespace.

+ What if I don't like the video the instructor I choose creates for me?

Email admin@yogicomm.com and your instructor immediately. Within the first two weeks after having downloaded the video you are entitled to a free change/alteration.

+ How do I know this is really original content, and that my video that I paid for is not being re-hashed/copied from elsewhere?

A bespoke service is our speciality. Each sequence is for you and you alone. You will see that the instructor will mention your name and speak to you and your needs throughout the video.

+ What if I get injured whilst following a YOGICOMM video?

As this is an online service, we have no control over how you choose to follow and use the instruction in your own time. For this reason, YOGICOMM takes no responsibility for any injury or harm caused whilst using a YOGICOMM video. This disclaimer is written on your invoice and by engaging in a transaction with any YOGICOMM instructor, you thereby agree to these terms.

+ Does YOGICOMM do advertsing for me if I join the platform and create a profile page?

We do a certain amount of advertising for you through our own channels of communication, however, we are not a marketing agency or service. If you want to make the most of YOGICOMM, you need to spread the word and promote yourself as a yoga teacher on YOGICOMM to your clients and network.

+ What kind of yoga videos can I sell on my YOGICOMM profile page?

All content distributed and sold on YOGICOMM is made by qualified yoga instructors and it is sincere, focused yoga/meditation teaching sequences and advice. Any content that is not about sharing quality and integral yoga/meditation teaching or skills is not allowed on our platform.


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