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20 minutes: 12 US$ / 165 ZAR

30 minutes: 20 US$ / 270 ZAR

45 minutes: 30 US$ / 405 ZAR

60 minutes: 35 US$ /470 ZAR

3 x 30min package: 50 US$ / 670 ZAR

3 x 60min package: 90 US$ / 1205 ZAR


“My first experience of yoga was with Alex as the instructor. Loved it and loved her from the first class so I joined the Y and now attend twice a week for Alex's classes. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know yoga. Alex is awesome. Calming, caring, knowledgeable and the best voice. Love her singing at the end of savasana too! And always a meaningful message for each session.” - Kristina



 200 hour Hatha & Vinyasa teacher training, Yogacara Global

85 hour Prenatal, Yogacara Global


Smooth 'n easy - Vinyasa flow with Alex


I was born and raised in Milton Keynes, a town about 45 minutes outside of London. It's the kind of place that you're happy to have grown up in, but also happy to leave. And at 18, it had become far too boring for me. 

After I finished secondary school, I moved to New York City to pursue my dream of becoming an actor. It was an incredible journey filled with self-discovery. Yoga came into my life at this time. Upon graduating from my 2 year conservatory, I decided to return home. Although my life in the big city was beyond magical, my intuition told me that acting wasn't quite my thing. You know... the thing you were put on this planet to do; the thing that gives you purpose and joy. I was in search of my thing.

I decided to embark on a transformational 8 month backpacking trip across Oceania and Asia, which was also when I completed my 200 hour Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Yogacara Global. And then in August 2016, I landed in the Bay Area where I'm currently living, teaching, playing, adventuring and working to save for my next big adventure. Since moving here, I completed my 85 hour prenatal teacher training with Yogacara. 

Outside of my yoga practice, you can find me hiking and exploring, drinking coffee, trying to improve my photography and video editing skills, planning my future travels and singing to myself loudly and unashamedly in the car.

Yoga found me at the perfect time. I was struggling with depression and wasn’t aware of the fact that I was the cause of my own suffering. Yoga taught me to slow down and breathe. It taught me to take responsibility for my life. It taught me mindfulness, awareness and self-love. It showed me that I created my own reality by choosing which thoughts and events I gave my life force and attention to. I was drawn to yoga for the philosophy side of things and my teaching is definitely influenced by that. I strongly believe that yoga is a spiritual practice; the physical benefits are just a byproduct. I am deeply passionate about introducing people to meditation as I believe there is nothing braver or sweeter than sitting with yourself in silence and stillness. Having said that, I don’t think yoga needs to be so serious; I think it can be fun, playful, explorative, joyful. I believe yoga should feel nice and juicy!

I know now that the thing I was looking for was my dharma or life purpose. I also know, that my life purpose is to share the teachings of yoga with as many people as I can and my life goal is to travel the world while doing so.

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